Benefits of Eating Oranges. An Orange Heal 10 Diseases | Makes You Young Too

Taking care of yourself in winter is very important. Often people become victims of cold-cold, cough, viral etc. In such a situation, oranges are eaten the most in this season. It is important for people to know about the benefits of eating oranges. Let us tell you that if orange is eaten daily, it can have many benefits for health. Today’s article is on this topic.

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Consuming oranges reduces the risk of stroke. The flavonoids present in oranges prevent the development of heart disease. Along with this, it also helps in maintaining good blood cells. Orange is not only beneficial for your health but also for your skin. It removes acne, blemishes and makes the skin glowing.

Orange is rich in Vitamin C. Along with this, minerals like iodine, sodium, vitamin A and B complex, calcium are found in orange. It is found everywhere and is one of the best fruits of the season. Let us now know what are the benefits to the body by eating oranges. But with this know that there are some disadvantages of eating it too.

Benefits of Eating Oranges: Nutritional Benefits, Disease Prevention

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1. Kidney Diseases

Kidney diseases can be avoided by drinking at least one glass of orange juice on an empty stomach in the morning breakfast. Orange helps in keeping the kidney healthy. Not only orange, drinking fruit juice in the morning is also very beneficial for health.

2. Cough-Cold

An Orange Keep Away Cold and Cough

It is said that sour things are more beneficial in cold. So in this sense, eating orange or drinking its juice is beneficial in cough and cold. Orange does not allow the ‘phlegm’ to freeze, due to which it comes out with cough. How to consume it – Cut an orange into small pieces, then put it in a glass of water and boil it, when the water remains half, then turn off the gas and cool it. Now filter this water and keep it in a glass vessel. Drink it in the morning and evening, you will get relief.

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3. Cancer Prevention

The anti-oxidant and limonene properties present in vitamin C-rich oranges protect cells from free radical damage. Limonene can remain active in our body for about 8-10 hours, which prevents cancer cells from spreading. Regular consumption of oranges helps in preventing cancer of the skin, chest, lungs, mouth, stomach etc. Eating oranges also helps prevent gastric ulcers. The pectin fiber present in oranges protects the mucous membranes from cancer.

4. Strengthen Immunity

Orange Boost your immunity

Vitamin C and A found in oranges promote the production of white cells present in our blood, which strengthens our immune system.

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5. Effective in Depression

In today’s life full of rush and tension, one can easily become a victim of depression. Based on a research, the ‘warm citrus’ smell present in oranges helps in removing tension from the brain.

6. Prevent Stones from Growing

The citric acid found in oranges helps in curing urinary disorders and kidney diseases. Regular consumption of oranges improves the level of ‘pH balance’ by excretion of citric acid through urine, which helps in the removal of calcium from the kidneys and reduces the risk of developing kidney stones goes.

7. Lower Cholesterol

Orange helps in reducing cholesterol in the body as it contains fiber. In addition, the ‘polymethoxylated flavonoids’ found in it reduce cholesterol more effectively. It is believed that this property of orange is more effective than cholesterol-lowering drugs.

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8. Reduce the Effect of Age

This is the most important and beneficial work that an orange does. The antioxidants present in oranges are also helpful in reducing wrinkles. Applying orange juice and peel on the skin provides relief from blemishes, freckles and pigmentation.

9. Take Care of the Heart

The potassium and folic acid present in oranges control calcium and cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. These elements help to keep the heart healthy by balancing the electrolytes in the cells, thereby relieving stress and depression.

10. Control Blood Pressure

Orange Control Blood Presure

The magnesium and hesperidin present in orange prove to be effective in controlling high blood pressure. Therefore, those who are complaining of high blood pressure must make orange a part of their daily diet.

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Disadvantages of Oranges

If everything has many advantages, then there are also some disadvantages. Same is the case with oranges. No doubt, orange is very beneficial for our health, but only as long as it is used in limited quantity. Consuming it in excessive amounts can also be harmful to health.

1. Oranges are rich in fiber content, but consuming too much fiber can cause indigestion, abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

2. Orange is acidic in nature, so excessive consumption of orange can cause heartburn.

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