Calcium Deficiency – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment | Hypocalcemia Cure

Each nutrient has its own distinct role in the body. One of these nutrients is calcium. Calcium is an important mineral. Your body uses it to make teeth and bones strong. Along with this, it also plays an important role in strengthening the muscles. There are many other benefits of calcium as well, about which you will know in this article.

In this article, you will know what is calcium deficiency, causes of calcium deficiency, symptoms as well as treatment of calcium deficiency, so read our article till the end.

Calcium Deficiency - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment | Hypocalcemia Cure

What is Calcium Deficiency ?, Addressing Calcium Deficiency

Calcium is a kind of mineral which is very important for our body. It prevents the strengthening of teeth and weakening of bones in the body. More amount of calcium is found in teeth and bones. In addition to this, it supports the functioning of the body’s bones, particularly the skeleton. Small amounts of calcium contribute to other important functions in the body.

For example, muscles work to contract arteries and transmit messages to the nervous system. Calcium is needed for the functioning of the heart towards other organs in the body. Numerous disorders, including osteoporosis and osteopenia, are made more likely by a lack of calcium in the body. There is a problem in growing due to lack of calcium in children.

What are the Causes of Calcium Deficiency?, Identifying Symptoms, Treatment Options

Calcium deficiency can be due to the following reasons:

The main reason for calcium deficiency is not consuming enough calcium in the diet.

Excessive exercise leads to calcium deficiency, while mild exercise maintains calcium levels.

Calcium absorption is made easier by vitamin D. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin D, then calcium deficiency automatically starts.

Consumption of soft drinks in excess reduces the amount of calcium.

When there is a weak body, there is deficiency of calcium.

Women who are sports have a higher calcium loss during menopause because of low estrogen levels, a hormone that helps strengthen bones.

High amount of fat, sugary things, protein rich diet causes calcium deficiency. Like tea, coffee, cold drinks, alcohol, tobacco, excessive intake of salt causes calcium deficiency.

Calcium deficiency occurs in large quantities due to refined grains, soil etc.

Other Causes of Calcium Deficiency.

Calcium deficiency in the body is mostly due to lack of calcium rich food in the diet.

Most of the women are deficient in calcium because women have to go through certain phases like menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and late menopause.

By not taking sunlight for long.

Vitamin C deficiency.

Even from drinking soda.

By consuming more caffeine.

Excessive intake of sodium rich foods.

What are the Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency?

The symptoms of calcium deficiency are not visible quickly, but due to prolonged calcium deficiency, serious symptoms start appearing. Let us tell some symptoms of calcium deficiency.

Feeling tired
Seizures of epilepsy
Having insomnia problem
Dryness in the skin
Chest Pain
High cholesterol level
Numbness in hand
Diseases of the gums
Loss of appetite
Risk of high blood pressure

Calcium Deficiency Diseases?

According to a report by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, calcium deficiency can cause many diseases in the body. The diseases caused by calcium deficiency are as follows :

So let’s know the diseases caused by calcium deficiency –
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure

Hypocalcemia, also known as calcium deficiency disease, occurs when the blood has low levels of calcium. A long-term calcium deficiency can lead to dental changes, cataracts, alterations in the brain, and osteoporosis, which causes the bones to become brittle.

A calcium deficiency may cause no early symptoms. It is usually mild, but without treatment, it can become life threatening.

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What are the Treatments for Calcium Deficiency?

The treatment of calcium deficiency is very simple. Its most common treatment is to take calcium-rich things in the diet. Apart from this, doctors recommend taking calcium supplements to increase the amount of calcium.

• Calcium should be consumed in small amounts during the day, usually three times or less. Vitamin D is also included to supplement calcium.

• As you know, taking any supplements without the advice of a doctor is not good for health. There are many supplements available in the market but choosing the right one is very difficult. That’s why according to the need of the patient, doctors recommend taking different supplements.

• Consuming excessive amounts of supplements increases the risk of kidney stone problems.

• Some of the following types of supplements are meant to supplement calcium. These include calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, etc.

• In some cases, the doctor injects the patient to supply calcium so that the supply of calcium can be done properly.

• You will notice a difference in a few weeks after starting the calcium treatment.

According to a research on the NCBI site, the daily requirement of calcium is different for everyone. As

700 mg daily for children over age 3

1,000 mg daily for children ages 4 to 8

1,300 mg daily for children up to age 13

1300 mg daily for children ages 14 to 18

1,000 mg daily for ages 19 to 50

Then 1,000 mg, daily for 70-year-old men

1,200 mg daily for those over 70

Prevention of Calcium Deficiency

To prevent calcium deficiency, you can make some changes in your habits.

• Consume cheese or paneer in your diet because it contains high amount of calcium.
• To get Vitamin D, get morning sunlight and eat vitamin rich food.
• Consume less salt in food as it promotes calcium deficiency.
• Quit the habit of smoking as it causes calcium deficiency.
• Spinach, broccoli, cottage cheese, figs, fruit juices etc. to increase calcium.

Rich Foods For Calcium.

Although there are numerous supplements available, experts advise getting at least half of your calcium from food rather than pills.
The following eight foods are among the greatest calcium sources on the market:

Dairy Products

Products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are rich in calcium and also tend to be the best-absorbed sources of it. Calcium is not absorbed as well from plant and fortified foods.


Dry-roasted soybeans are a good source of calcium. A half-cup contains 119 mg of calcium, making them an excellent source of calcium for those who follow a vegan diet.

Dark Green, Leafy Vegetables

Calcium-rich foods include cooked kale, spinach, and collard greens. The biggest quantity is seen in collard greens, which have 164 mg of calcium per half cup.

Calcium-Fortified Foods

Cereals and orange juice are frequently supplemented with calcium. Calcium citrate malate is a well-absorbed form found in some fortified juices. Additionally, some fortified cereals offer up to 100 mg of calcium per serving.

Canned Salmon

Salmon in cans, aside from dairy products, is one of the finest food sources of calcium. 181 mg are present in just 3 ounces of canned salmon. Salmon also includes vitamin D, which facilitates calcium absorption by the body.


You may get 68 mg of calcium for your body by eating five dried or fresh figs. Oranges and papayas are two more fruits that are high in calcium.

Flour Tortillas

Good news for carb lovers: one 10-inch flour tortilla provides you with 90 mg of calcium.

Canned Baked Beans

Four ounces of canned baked beans contain 126 mg of calcium. Beans also contain a lot of fiber.

(Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It is just to wake you up for your health purpose. Out intension is not to mislead or It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.)

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