Canned Foods : Are You Consuming or Serving Poison. 10 Harmful Canned Foods

Our life revolves around our food, what we like to eat and what not, that’s all. Food has a cultural significance, it is a moment when you are spending your special moments with your family, friends or well-wishers sitting at a table with food. But there is also another aspect to it and that is that food can be our enemy too because canned food can save time but not your health.

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Understanding Canned Food, Harmful Varieties, Healthy Alternatives

We are not only talking about what to eat and what not to eat, but we should control ourselves with every delicious plate of food. We hide some harmful things in our everyday food, which most of the people ignore. We take a look at the aspects of slow death you are serving!

1. Canned Products

When we are busy or do not have time, we opt for packaged products as an alternative to our food, that is, cane-goods sold in the market. Although eating canned products does not kill anyone, but do not make it your weakness and it is better to avoid the habit of such eating.

Canned Products Harmful

Do you know, canning is a process through which the product is prepared after going through so that they can be saved from spoilage for a long time. This period can be from one year to five years or more. At the same time, some other nutrients, such as water-soluble vitamins, can be spoiled or destroyed by the high heat used in canning the goods. In addition, the canned products of many industries contain high amounts of sugar and salt.

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2. Energy Drinks

If you are tired and have to face physical or mental stress, energy drinks are beneficial if used with an awareness of the risks of drinking them.

Energy Drinks

Most energy blends such as caffeine, taurine, guarana, B vitamins and glucuronolactone may not be safe in many-drink amounts. If they are taken in excessive amounts, they can be harmful or say that they can be as harmful as illegal drugs, smoking or alcohol.

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3. Fat Free Foods

Although at first glance, fat-free foods may seem like a gold mine for a completely balanced and satisfying diet, the truth is quite different. Fat is essential for many body functions and for healthy growth. Fat reduction is not advisable, especially when you do regular workouts.

Fat Free Foods

In addition, fat-free foods tend to be high in processed sugars. We often think that fat free means calorie free, while this is not entirely true.

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4. Artificial Butter

Artificial butter has been placed on this list because it contains a high amount of trans fat, which often leads to heart-related diseases. In addition to heart-related diseases, it is also associated with breastfeeding, in fact, the high trans fat loss in artificial butter, due to which the quality of the mother’s milk is reduced and the newborn does not get complete nutrition.

Artificial Butter

Just a small portion of this product can increase your insulin level. We know that this butter is delicious to eat, but before eating it, think about its taste as well as its disadvantages.

5. Cheese

Even though paneer is a good source of calcium – which strengthens our bones. It has protein, phosphorus, riboflavin, zinc and some other vitamins (ie, vitamins A, B12) etc. But we also have to remind ourselves that paneer is a high-calorie food.


All the positive nutrition that is in paneer can all be destroyed in an instant, if we eat with this wrong thing or consume any food with it without thinking. Therefore, think once before using it in your food, because it is cottage cheese, and it should be good for health.

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6. Soda

Carbonated water, flavor and sweetness are the three main ingredients present in this popular drink served around the world. Apart from this, there are many other additives that convert soda from a simple substitute that becomes one of our major deadly foods.


Want to know why? It is very easy. Your brain may not be satisfied with sugary soda drink, so you’ll end up adding empty calories to your routine without having any positive effect on your health. High amounts of nonessential sugars, like fructose, are converted by your liver into glucose, and then your body stores it as fat, which is really not good for your health.

7. French Fries

French fries are typically fried in hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are often heated to lose their polyunsaturated fats.

French Fries 1

Deep-fry foods are very harmful for our health, as they contain a lot of trans fat, which is not good for our health at all. We rapidly gain weight. So don’t play with your health for a moment’s taste.

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8. Fruit Juice

When you buy a packet of juice, it is written on pack that juice made by 100% fruits, but it is not good for health, it is just a way of advertising.

Fruit Juice

To prepare this juice, the juice is extracted from the fruits by squeezing them and it is usually stored for a year in oxygen dripping tanks filled with the juice. This makes the juice almost flavor free. So where does the taste and flavor of our natural energy drink come from? For this flavor packs are added later and this is the second step in the whole process and this is the test we are enjoying.

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9. Processed Meat

What are processed meats? They are a variety of foods, such as hot dogs, bacon, sausage, ham or salami, corned beef, smoked meats, jerk beef, and all other meats that have been processed by salt, curing, canning, drying, or smoking. Processed meats usually lead to high blood pressure and other serious health problems.

Processed Meat

The negative consequences of eating them stem from the high temperatures used to process this meat which creates nitrosamines which are carcinogenic.

10. Tuna Fish

Eating tuna fish has not always been a problem, but due to the increasing pollution in the oceans, it is no longer a problem. Tuna absorb large amounts of mercury, once entering our bodies, it travels through the kidneys to our brains and other soft tissues.

Tuna Fish

That’s why we should control our diet if we consume tuna more in a week, if you like this food more, then you can look at other options in which exposure to mercury is less.

We hope this article a bit wake you up for your health. We are eager to hear from you. Thanks for your time.

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