Debunking High-Protein Myths in Foods

Food products are also praised a lot in the advertisements shown on TV and they are claimed to have more protein. These things also include peanut butter, protein bars, snacks and many such foods. Nutritionists and experts say that foods like peanut butter, which is often considered a good protein source, also do not contain much Protein. In fact, most of the food products in the market that claim to have high protein, do not even contain enough protein that your body needs.


Nutrition Facts, Protein Content Reality

Protein is a type of macronutrient, like carbs and fats, which is necessary for the functioning of our body’s muscles, bones, skin, hair and every part of the body. To keep the body healthy, it is necessary for every human being to take protein in their diet.
This is the reason that seeing its increasing influence among the people, hundreds of companies have started making protein foods to earn profit. We will tell you whether the products that claim to have protein really contain high protein or not.

Shortage of Protein Can Damage

Protein is essential for the development of muscles and bones. Our muscles and bones absorb the protein present in our body, so we need it daily. If there is a lack of protein in the body, then the bones start becoming weak. Lack of protein causes muscle pain all the time. Its deficiency also reduces the immunity of our body.
Protein is also essential for maintaining metabolism in the body. If you do a lot of physical work throughout the day, then you should consume a good amount of protein.

Protein is also Essential for Maintaining Weight

Due to its deficiency, the body has difficulty in dissolving bad fats and your body also remains bloated all the time. Protein gives energy to the body. Its deficiency makes a person very tired all the time. Apart from this, lack of protein is also the reason for many problems related to skin, nails, hair.

Shocking Revelation on Protein

Nutritionist Graeme Tomlinson told Insider, “With the increasing interest in protein, many food companies are adding a tag of ‘high protein” to their products, but in reality such foods are not always rich in protein as they are. The claim is made. Such products are sold at high prices by saying that they are high protein.

Health experts say that every adult should take 0.8 grams of protein per day according to body weight. According to a report by market data company Statista, the protein food products market is projected to grow to over $70 billion by 2025 from close to $52 billion in 2020.

Similarly, many foods that people consider to be good sources of protein are actually not as rich in this macronutrient as they think. Although there is nothing wrong with these foods and they are not bad, but they do not have the density of protein, so they are unable to provide protein according to the need of the human being and customers should be aware of this.

Know these foods, that you have been thinking of as High Protein

Protein Snacks

These days there are many snacks available in the market which are being sold as protein snacks. The reality of these foods sold as protein snacks is that a packet of snack gives you four grams of protein but also 132 calories. Instead, you can get four times more protein in the same number of calories by eating two pieces of low-fat cheese.
These food products also include chips, cookies and protein bars which have been found to fail in their claims in many research.

Protein Bread

Bread, which claims high protein, is also unable to provide the body with the protein it needs. If you get eight grams of protein from a food with 160 calories, then this is a decent amount, but the bread sold in the name of high protein has about 230 calories and nine grams of protein, so you have to decide for yourself. whether you need high calories with protein or not

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is the first name of protein-rich foods in India these days. It has become the most popular product among people for weight loss in the form of protein intake, but you should also know its reality. Experts say, 15 grams of peanut butter (about one teaspoon) contains about four grams of protein and 95 calories, so it is not a profitable deal.


Nuts are a nutritious food item. It provides your body with fiber that maintains your gut microbiome (microbiome like bacteria that keeps the gut healthy) as well as healthy fats in your body. It is also a source of protein, but you will be surprised to know that to give the benefit of this protein to the body, you have to eat it in large quantities.

Nuts contain a good amount of protein, but they are also very high in calories, which can increase your weight. This is the reason that if you consume it for weight loss then you will not get much benefit. For example, if you eat 100 grams of peanuts, which will contain 30 grams of protein, but this will also add 620 calories to your body.

(Disclaimer : This article is based on collected informations, also to wake you up about your health. So verify with your doctor also to stay healthy and safe)

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