The Health Benefits and Risks of Drumstick Moringa

Since the Corona Epidemic, individuals have taken their health and way of life seriously and once again relying on the medicines and remedies of Ayurveda and also adopting it. The characteristics of Moringa (Drumstick) in this case might point you in the direction of treating numerous disorders. It has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for the treatment of many diseases.

It is also known as Munga, Moringa and Drumstick. All parts including its leaves, stem are used. Its leaves are thought to have 15 times more potassium than a banana and 7 times more Vitamin C than an orange.

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Sharing the facts related to Moringa (drumstick), Ayurveda Doctor Deeksha Bhavsar has told that drumstick is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of 300 diseases. That’s why some people also call it the miraculous tree. This tree is beneficial for common problems like hair loss to Asthma and Arthritis diseases.

Despite being a mine of qualities of Moringa, Dr. Diksha does not recommend including it in your diet without expert advice.

Health Benefits, Nutritional Profile, Potential Side Effects, Usage Tips, Risks

Ayurveda tells that it is all in one herb. This tree has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, anti-diabetic, antiviral, antifungal and antiaging properties.

Rich in Vitamin A, B, C
Vitamin A
Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin)
Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and other Minerals.

How We Can Use Moringa?

1. Moringa Leaf

Moringa leaf for corona pendemic

Though this plant’s leaves are the most advantageous, all portions are advantageous. You may prepare meals with fresh moringa leaves.

2. Moringa Pods

Moringa pods for corona pendemic

Its dried leaves may be ground into a powder and its pods can be used in soups and curries. Apart from this, boiling Moringa pods and drinking its soup provides relief from arthritis pain.

3. Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder for corona pendemic

For health benefits, you can consume moringa powder (1 tsp) or add it to roti, cheela (pancake), smoothies, energy drinks, dal, and other foods.

Moringa or its powder works like magic on the face as a cosmetic. Moringa treats acne, softens the skin, and minimises facial wrinkles.

Top 10 Benefits of Moringa (Drumstick) which makes it Special.

1]. It helps in improving your hemoglobin.

2]. Controls blood pressure and cholesterol.

3]. Detoxifies liver and kidney.

4]. Purifies blood, cures skin diseases.

5]. Helps in weight loss.

6. Improves metabolism.

7]. Keeps your sugar level under control.

8. Reduces stress, anxiety and mood swings.

9. Improves thyroid function.

10]. Increases the production of breast milk in mothers.

How Moringa Protect Human Bodies?

1. Moringa Use to Protects the Liver

Think of your liver as the detoxifier of the body. It filters blood, detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes fats. Moringa helps it to work better. Moringa contains a high concentration of polyphenols to reverse oxidation in the liver, and preliminary research has shown consumption of moringa to reduce liver fibrosis and protect against liver damage.

2. Moringa Use For Less Swelling

Turmeric is considered best for reducing inflammation. But by taking moringa powder, the inflammation in the cells appears much less. With anti-inflammatory polyphenols and isothiocyanates, moringa reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and proteins in the body.

3. Moringa Use For Balancing Hormones

It helps in balancing your hormones. Due to menopause, the hormones of women become unbalanced, due to which they can have many problems. In such a situation, Moringa can help women. According to a research in the Journal of Food and Science Technology, postmenopausal women who consumed a blend of amaranth and moringa leaf powder for three months saw a reduction in oxidative stress as well as an increase in hemoglobin. Such balance can happen only because of hormones. Moringa also improves thyroid health, which regulates hormones related to energy, sleep, and digestion.

4. Moringa Use For Balancing Blood Sugar

The spike in insulin and blood sugar can lead to mood swings and sugar issues, and can even lead to type 2 diabetes and obesity. According to laboratory studies, moringa leaf powder is effective in reducing lipid and glucose levels and controlling oxidative stress. Taking moringa for three months has been shown to have therapeutic antioxidant properties as well as lower glucose levels in postmenopausal women. One animal study also showed that adding moringa to the diet helped reduce weight gain and insulin resistance.

If your are Pre-Diabetic – Know how to be safe always.

5. Moringa Use For Fighting Free Radicals

Free radicals are created by things like pollution, fried foods, and exposure to the sun. They damage your cells by robbing them of electrons, which can lead to oxidative stress, cell damage, and premature aging. Antidote: Antioxidants such as flavonoids, polyphenols and ascorbic acid are found in moringa. A diet rich in antioxidants prevents premature wrinkles and makes you live longer.

6. Moringa Use to Improve Digestion

Moringa leaf powder contains about 30% fiber, most of it insoluble, something you need not only for digestion, but also to lower your risk of disease. Moringa is a natural antibiotic and antibacterial and helps prevent the development of various problems that can disturb digestion. The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa help relieve digestive problems such as colitis.

7. Moringa Good for Brain

Over the age of 65, one in eight persons have Alzheimer’s disease. Moringa leaf is rich in vitamins C and E, which combat the oxidative stress associated with Alzheimer’s. Moringa helps to increase dopamine and serotonin (happy hormones) and has been used in the future to help treat depression.

8. Moringa Use For Good Skin and Hair

Looking for a natural remedy for skin and hair? So include Moringa powder in your diet! It is beneficial for the hair and helps in protecting the hair from free radicals. Along with this, Moringa also contains protein which is very important for healthy skin. Not only this, it is useful in healing skin infections and wounds.

Moringa’s Side Effects

These people should not consume Moringa.

Moringa (Drumstick) is hot in nature, so people who have heat problems (acidity, bleeding, piles, heavy periods, acne) should avoid it or consume it with caution.

Moringa may be unsafe for pregnant women or nursing mothers. This is due to the chemicals found in the root, bark or flowers of the plant. Studies show that consuming these parts of the moringa plant can cause uterine contractions.

Otherwise, powder made from moringa leaves appears to be safe in human studies. But moringa can have a laxative effect when consumed in large amounts or cause stomach upset, so we recommend a small dose of ½ to 1 teaspoon daily.

(Disclaimer :  The purpose of this health-related article is to wake you up and aware of your health and to provide health-related information. Your doctor has a better understanding of your health and there is no substitute for their advice.)


Question 1 : What is moringa is good for?

Answer : The leaves have 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas. It also has calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids, which help your body heal and build muscle. It’s also packed with antioxidants, substances that can protect cells from damage and may boost your immune system.

Question 2 : Who shouldn’t take moringa?

Answer : The chemicals found in the roots, flowers and the bark could cause uterine contraction in pregnant women and may increase the risk of a miscarriage. Avoid moringa if breast feeding, since the chemicals may not be safe for the infants. Do not take moringa if you are on blood thinning medications such as warfarin.

Question 3 : How does moringa make you feel?

Answer : “It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron and vitamins C and D, nutrients involved in energy-yielding metabolism,” Jones says. Moringa also contains B vitamins which helps sustain long-term energy and supports healthy metabolic processes.

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