How Fad Diet and Keto Diet is Harmful? Adopt Safe Weight Loss Diet Tips

Obesity is a major problem affecting millions of people across the world. Apart from exercise, people are now resorting to diet to reduce obesity and lose weight. Nowadays, many diets are in trend to lose weight fast, including Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, OMAD Diet, Atkins Diet, Fast Diet, Paleo Diet, Carnivore Diet, DASH Diet, etc. Many people are reducing their weight by following these diets. Today we are telling you the disadvantages of these popular weight loss diets.

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In fad diets, people often talk about different diet plans and have to give up different things in them. Apart from this, some special nutrients are asked to be included in them. At the same time, emphasis is being laid on consuming more and more protein and healthy fats. Due to this, some nutrients continuously increase in the body and some nutrients continuously decrease.

In this way, a situation comes when there is a deficiency of some nutrients in your body, then there is an excess of some nutrients. This causes many damages to the body.

1. Lack of Electrolytes

Fad diets generally recommend a diet that is high in protein and very low in carbohydrates. This reduces your weight but there is a deficiency of electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes are minerals present in our body which balance the amount of water in our body.

Diarrhea or dehydration can occur due to lack of fluids in the body. Apart from this, taking too much fluid (in case of liquid diet) is also dangerous as it can also lead to water retention.

2. Diet Without Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body. Most fad diets force a person to eliminate carbohydrates and fats from their diet. Due to which the person may feel lethargic and tired.

3. Health Problems

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, due to fad diet, there is a risk of many health problems like- heart disease, diabetes, low blood pressure, kidney stone, fatigue, headache, weakness, lack of sleep, acidity, osteoporosis, bone weakness etc.

4. The Weight Increases Again

C.D.C. Fad diets are only a temporary solution for weight loss. In fact, this diet is considered unhealthy, as it provides fewer calories and nutrients to the dieter. Therefore, by losing weight in this way, there is a possibility of increasing it again. As per the facts, many people have reported gaining weight after discontinuing this tough and boring diet plan.

5. You can Look Old Before Time

When you focus on any nutrients like protein and healthy fats and measure your calories all the time, it will create deficiency of many vitamins in your body. This causes wrinkles on the face. And R can look prematurely aged.

6. Nutritional Deficiency

In fad diet, the body does not get all the essential nutrients, due to which the body gets affected. Studies show that consuming a fad diet over a long period of time can lead to vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.

However, there are some ways by which one can lose weight easily, which is natural, safe and does not come back again. For this, try to take a proper diet including all the essential nutrients for the body.

You can eat more fruits and vegetables for fiber.

Choose whole fruit instead of juice.

Drink plenty of water every day.

Eat small proportion of food in several times.

Eat a good breakfast and never skip your meals.

Avoid sugar and sweet drinks like colas, preserved juices, as they contain high amount of sugar which is very harmful for your body.

Most importantly, track your foods and find out what and how much you are eating. Also add an exercise to your regimen.

7. Fad Diets Create Body – Image Issues

Body shaming is nothing new. It is a harsh reality that many men and women go through trolling over their body type, structure and weight. Fad diets are usually followed under socio-cultural pressure and an underlying insecurity to look thin and attractive.

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8. Fad Diets are Not Sustainable

As the name suggests, its craze and impact do not last long. Even if a person loses a certain amount of weight through a fad diet, it is most likely that the weight will come back when the person returns to their regular diet.

This proves that fad diets are not sustainable. These can only be used as a temporary solution, especially among women, to lose a certain amount of weight before weddings, parties and functions.

Difference Between Fad Diet and Balance Diet.

Like the ketogenic diet; Alkaline diet, baby food diet, vegan diet, paleo diet and zone diet are some of the fad diets that have become very popular these days.

With increasing age, different types of vitamins and nutrients are needed for health. There is some difference between fad diet and balance diet. Fad diet is mainly good for when the amount of fat in the body is very high. But when the fat gets reduced in the body then a balanced diet is needed for the body.

(Disclaimer :  The purpose of this health-related article is to wake you up and aware of your health and to provide health-related information. Your doctor has a better understanding of your health and there is no substitute for their advice.)

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