Real or Fake: How to Identify Eggs

With the arrival of winter, the demand for eggs increases. People eat eggs for protein and calcium. But fake eggs are also being sold in the country. Because of this, whenever you go to the market, you should clearly know the difference between real and fake eggs. If you also have this information, then you will not be cheated in the market. Along with this, you can also complain about the sale of fake eggs by a shopkeeper and you can also avoid the harm caused to the body by fake eggs.

Egg Business: Are You Eating Plactic Egg? How to Identify Real and Fake Egg. असली और नकली अंडे की पहचान

With the arrival of winter, the demand for eggs in the country increases. Eggs are rich in Protein, Calcium and Omega-3. Fake egg harms instead of benefiting your body. Today we are telling you some such things by which you too can easily identify fake and real eggs. Read further five such differences through which you can also identify real and fake eggs.

Egg Authenticity, Spotting Fake Eggs, Safe Eating

1. Will Not Shiny

The first identification of a real egg is that its egg is not very shiny, at first sight, it will appear blurry to you. On the other hand, the peel of the fake egg is very shiny. The color of fake eggs can attract you more than the real ones.

2. Rind

If you bring the shells of fake eggs in contact with fire, then it catches fire rapidly. Because it is made of something like plastic. On the other hand, if you bring a real egg shell in contact with fire, it does not catch fire. When it is put in the fire, it turns black in some time, nor does it smell like plastic when it is burnt.

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3. Yolk

When you peel a real egg, you will see the yolk inside the egg separate. On the other hand, if you peel the fake egg, you will see a mixture of yolk and white fluid. With this you can also identify real and fake eggs.

4. Sound

The sound of these two is also important for identifying real and fake eggs. When you shake the real egg in your hand, it will not make any sound. On the other hand, if you stir the fake egg, you will hear the sound of something moving inside the egg.

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5. Smooth Surface

You will feel the surface smooth when you touch the original egg shell. Whereas the surface of the fake egg will be rough compared to the real one. In such a situation, do not think that the surface of the real egg should be rough.

How to Identify an Artificial or Fake egg?

  • The inner part of the fake egg becomes hard after boiling.
  • Fake egg does not spoil quickly and neither does it smell.
  • If the fake egg is kept outside in the open, it does not attract flies, ants, other insects.
  • It costs less to make fake eggs than real eggs.
  • There is a sound inside when the fake egg is shaken before cracking.
  • Fake eggs do not sink in water after boiling. These eggs float on top of the water.
  • As soon as the York of the fake egg is broken, it starts mixing in the white part within seconds.
  • The York of a fake egg is a little more yellow than that of a real egg.
  • Burning of imitation eggshell gives the smell of burning plastic.

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How Fake Eggs are Made?

To make fake eggs, sodium alginate is added to lukewarm water. After this, egg white is prepared by mixing gelatin, benzoic, alum and other chemicals. Yellow color is added to prepare the yellow part. After this, the white and yellow parts are mixed with calcium chloride to give shape to the egg.

Egg Production and Trading in India

According to media reports, the egg business in the country is more than one lakh crore rupees and India is the third largest egg producing country in the world. America is at the top in terms of egg production and China is at number two. According to government figures, 122.05 billion eggs were produced in India in 2020-21. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have the highest egg production in India. While Telangana tops egg consumption at the forefront of consumption. According to a report, only in Hyderabad, 75 lakh eggs are consumed every day.

Fake Egg Business

Fake egg businessmen are taking advantage of the rapidly increasing demand in India. In the last few years, the cases of selling fake eggs in the market have increased rapidly. If you want to know the difference between a fake and a real egg, then look at its brightness. A fake egg is brighter than a real one. Most of the people get confused because of the brightness of the egg and buy it as a real egg.

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How to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Egg?

Plastic is used for its shell to make fake eggs. Because of this, if you keep the fake egg near the fire, then it will smell like burning plastic and may even catch fire in it.
There is no sound of any kind when shaking the real egg in hand. But if you shake the fake egg with your hand, then the sound of something moving comes from inside. Therefore, whenever you go to buy eggs in the market, identify the real and fake. Because eating fake eggs can spoil your health.

We hope this article will wake you up for your health. Stay Healthy Stay Safe. If this article is lil bit helpful then leave a comment. Thank you for your time.

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