Health Risks of Aluminum Utensils

Let us know the disadvantages of cooking in aluminum utensils (aluminium ke bartan me khana banane ke nuksan). Looking at the old times, today’s time is very modern, in such a situation, obviously the living habits of people have also changed. There is nothing wrong in changing yourself with time, but some changes can prove to be very fatal depending on the value of health.

disadvantage of aluminium utensils

Dangers of Aluminum Utensils, Safer Cooking Options

Earthen utensils were the only means of cooking food in the olden days but today this is not the case. Today people have state-of-the-art tools available to complete the work as soon as possible. Whether it is cooking or anything else.

Brass, bronze, silver, iron, aluminum, steel and non-stick cookware are most commonly used in cooking today. Cooking food in all these utensils has some advantages and disadvantages, but cooking food in aluminum utensils is like playing with health. The food prepared in it is not healthy in any way but it is harmful.

The surprising thing is that the access of such harmful utensils is in excess in all kitchens today. Aluminum utensils are most commonly used because of these two reasons, first- they cook food quickly and second- these utensils are cheaper than other utensils. Now the question arises whether it is right to compromise with health in the pursuit of cheap.

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Disadvantages of Cooking in Aluminum Utensils
(Aluminium ke bartan me khana banane ke nuksan)

  1. Through food made in aluminum utensils, poison reaches our body at a slow rate, whose effect is definitely visible after a long interval. Both the taste and color of the food prepared in these utensils changes because 4 to 5 mg of aluminum is mixed in our food every day, which destroys the natural properties of the food.
  2. The biggest thing is that it is such a metal that our body is unable to even out and gradually this metal starts accumulating in our body and also causes many serious problems. Aluminum reaches the body through both the food or beverages prepared in these utensils and starts acting as slow poison.
  3. Aluminum is a type of heavy metal that is made from the metal bauxite. Just as other toxic substances are removed from the body through excreta and urine, in the same way aluminum particles do not come out of the body, but start accumulating in the stomach in such a way that they spoil the functioning of the body.
  4. If food made in these utensils is eaten for a long time, then this metal gets absorbed in the liver and nervous system in such a way that people start getting diseases in gift, but most of the people still do not know how all this happened. People comfort themselves by saying that with age comes diseases.
  5. One thing is always worth noting that carelessness along with health is the main cause of diseases. Apart from this, asthma, stomach pain, tuberculosis, Alzheimer’s disease, gout, mental diseases, TB, bone diseases are also caused by this metal. Even this metal has the ability to damage kidney and brain cells.

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How Does Aluminium Dissolve in Food?

Aluminium Khane Me Kaise Ghulta Hai?

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  1. When aluminum comes in contact with salt and acid, it melts and its particles get mixed with food very easily because aluminum reacts with acidic food and being highly reactive, it enters the body through food.
  2. Whatever amount of iron and calcium in food is easily absorbed by aluminum, which becomes the main cause of all bone diseases. By eating the food made in these utensils, not only the elders but also the children are affected, it affects the children very soon.
  3. According to research, there is an interruption in the mental development of children, the IQ level decreases, due to which children are not able to perform well. From childhood, the memory of children also starts getting affected very badly. Children start getting tired mentally and disinterest in playing and other activities also starts.
  4. According to scientific research, daily use of aluminum utensils leads to lead and cadmium exposure, which reduces the IQ level of children, decreases performance and also becomes the risk of many brain diseases.
  5. It is better to cook food in an iron vessel than in an aluminum vessel, which will be a food rich in iron. Do not use sourness of any kind while cooking food in iron utensils. But yes cleanliness is the priority of all utensils. The choice of stainless steel or steel utensils is also safe.

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Which Metal is Good for Health?

Konse Bartano Ka Istemal Karna Chahiye?

good utensils for health

BRONZE : Cooking in a bronze vessel destroys only 3 percent of the nutrients. This used to purify the blood.

COPPER : By drinking water kept in a copper vessel, a person becomes disease free. The stomach remains calm. Liver related problems are removed, copper water eliminates the toxic elements of the body. Using a copper vessel reacts with acid and salt. Sometimes the organic acids in the food being cooked can react with the utensils to produce more copper oxide, which can be very harmful.

BRASS : Cooking and eating food in brass utensils does not cause artificial diseases, phlegm and air defects. Cooking in brass utensils destroys only 7 percent of the nutrients. Brass reacts with salts and acids. Therefore, sour things or things with more salt should not be cooked or eaten in it, otherwise food poisoning may occur.

IRON : The power of the body increases by eating food made in iron utensils. Iron element increases in the body. Iron vessel contains folic acid, which increases blood. Due to the increase in the amount of iron in the food cooked in iron utensils, it provides full nutrition.

STEEL : Steel utensils are not harmful. Because it neither reacts with hot nor cold, so it does not harm. Stainless steel is an alloy made by mixing carbon, chromium and nickel with iron. There is no harm to health in cooking or making it. The temperature of these utensils rises quickly.

EARTHEN : Cooking in earthen pots provides such nutrients, which used to keep every disease away from the body. Now modern science has also proved this fact that many types of diseases of the body are cured by cooking food in earthen pots. According to Ayurveda, if food is to be made nutritious and tasty, then it should be cooked slowly. Even though it takes a little more time to cook food in earthen pots, but it gives full benefits to health.

PLASTIC : Plastic utensils are lighter and cheaper. This is the only advantage, but it is very harmful for health. Food should not be eaten in plastic utensils. Especially hot food should be avoided in it.

NON STICK : Non stick means non stick. That is, such utensils in which food does not stick and does not require much oil or ghee for cooking, which is good for health.

Food should be cooked not only with the intention of filling the stomach but also with the desire to keep the health healthy. When you and your family have good health, then only you can imagine a healthy society.

After knowing the harmful consequences of aluminum utensils, avoid these utensils as far as possible. Take important information related to aluminum utensils from your dietician.

Hope you are aware and you will like this information and it will prove beneficial for you.

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