Teenage Stress | Causes of Teenage Stress | How Parenting of Parents Reduce Teenage Pressure

Presently the lifestyle of people has changed so much that stress has become a common problem nowadays. From kids to elders everyone is facing this problem. Many mental problems like stress are being seen especially in teenagers. As soon as they enter teenage, many changes start happening inside the children. In such a situation, due to these changes, many times he starts getting upset. Apart from this, many times children start feeling stressed because of the pressure of studies and trying to identify themselves among friends. Today we are talking about teenage stress and causes of teenage stress, where we will know about how a good parenting of parents can help to reduce their teenager child.

Teenage Stress | Causes of Teenage Stress | How Parenting of Parents Reduce Teenage Pressure - wakeupforhealth.com

Busy life, wrong eating habits, running around all day, this has become the identity of success today. But many new diseases are being born due to this lifestyle and the percentage of these is increasing even more among the youth. Weight gain, Diabetes, BP, Thyroid, etc diseases have become common diseases of this age. At this time, one more disease seems to be gaining ground among the youth, that is stress.

Teenage Stress – Causes of Teenage Stress, Addressing Teenage Stress

Everyone feels stressed from time to time. Stress is of different types in a person of every age. Stress is also present in teenage children. But the causes of stress can be different.

Understand with an example- A child who studies excessively gets stressed after qualifying with 0.25 marks in a competition, while the child who studies less does not get affected even if his paper is not clear. A child who gave answers only by guessing and his marks came between these two types of children, even though his paper did not qualify, still he was very happy.

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Physical changes in boys and girls of this age can also be a reason for stress. In this age, the physical changes that come against their thinking and they do not have knowledge about it, then they can get stressed.

Teenage Stress | Causes of Teenage Stress | How Parenting of Parents Reduce Teenage Pressure

Teenage Stress – Types of Teenage Stress, Causes of Stress, Parenting Strategies

There are different types of stress. Stress can also occur when there is a sudden change in some kind of situation. For example, due to illness, and stress caused by an incident, accident or a natural disaster such as flood, drought, or an epidemic. Stress can be of two types.

1. Acute Stress

This stress is for a short period of time. It helps to manage any situation. This is normal. This happens only when we do something new. In adolescence, children are young and healthy, so they recover themselves quickly from this type of stress. Everyone experiences stress at some point. It is also called positive stress.

2. Chronic Stress

This stress lasts for a long time. It can last for a week, a month, or even longer. Sometimes we become so used to this stress that we do not even recognize it. If stress continues for a long time then it can take the form of a problem. If we do not adopt ways to manage stress, then we may have to face physical and mental problems. This is called negative stress.

A stress can happen once or it can happen for a short time or many times it can come again after a time. Some people improve quickly and effectively under stress. While some people take time to emerge from it.

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teenage stress - symptoms and cure - wakeupforhealth.com

Teenage Stress – Symptoms of Teenage Stress

If any kind of incident or accident happens to a young man or woman, then he does not emerge for a long time and he has to face physical and mental problems. Stress can have the following symptoms.

• Loss of Interest in work
• Feeling Tired all the time
• Keeping one or the other thoughts running in the mind
• Getting Angry on Every Issue
• Irritability and Annoyance
• Poor Digestion
• Headache
• Lack of sleep
• The Sadness
• Leaving one Task and Starting Another
• Stress from Physical Changes in Puberty
• BP, Heart attack, Diabetes, or Mental Disorder can happen.

Teenage Stress – How to Release Teenage Stress

The pressure of work affects the mind which causes stress. If the mental health is not good, then it affects the work, due to which the stress increases further. When stress increases, we are not able to present ourselves properly anywhere, be it household work or college. There is no need to worry about this. Need to be alert

release teenage stress and enjoy life - wakeupforhealth.com

Creativity is more in adolescent children, so they think in a new way. Relieve your stress with a new solution. We have to manage our stress and adopt methods to manage it, which can be of the following types.

  1. Don’t feel stressed by the change. When children move towards puberty, physical changes take place in them. Such as change in voice or other physical changes. Many times they get upset due to this change and get stressed. In this situation children should chant Om. The sound that comes out of the vocal cords by chanting Om is beneficial in the treatment of respiratory tract. Concentration also increases with the sound of Om.
  2. Don’t compete and compare, we all have our own unique qualities and talents. But still we indulge in unnecessary competition and unnecessary comparison and competition with others, this can lead to stress. That’s why avoid negative competition with each other and stay away from stress.
  3. Get enough sleep- sleeping on time and getting up on time helps to keep us healthy. 6-7 hours of sleep is very important in adolescence. Get complete sleep but do not sleep excessively. Only by taking full sleep, we can do all the work and stay away from stress.
  4. Take nutritious food, eat nutritious and balanced food. Don’t eat junk food and fried food in case of stress. Do not eat food made in the factory in large quantities like biscuits, snacks, crisps, chips etc. Take natural drinks like clean water, coconut water, lemonade and lassi.
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  5. Listen to music: Listening to music also relieves stress. Along with reducing stress, music also improves memory and increases concentration. Let us remember a song, try humming it. That also gives peace to the mind and removes stress.
  6. Habit of writing Make writing a habit. Write down your feelings. Analyze the things of your day. Think about and write down bad habits that hurt us or others. After writing, no negative thing dominates the mind. The mind gets peace and stress is reduced.
  7. Read a book Read a book of your interest. Gradually increase the books. In this way, reading books reduces stress.
  8. Be in Discipline We should follow a disciplined routine. We should do all our work at the right time and in the right way without postponing it for tomorrow. With this, the work will be done at the right time and we will not come under stress.
  9. Do Laughter Yoga, do Laughter Asana. By laughing, we not only reduce the burden of our heart and mind, but also it generates positive energy in us. By laughing we remain relaxed and healthy and there is no stress.
  10. Face the realities of life, don’t run away from the realities and facts of life. Confront them. Don’t do useless things and negative imaginations. Don’t keep it as a burden on your mind.
  11. Regular yoga practice and meditation is very important to exercise to stay healthy. Do walking, running, exercise, or yoga for 30 to 45 minutes. This gives relief from stress and the body also remains healthy. Regular asanas, pranayama and meditation are necessary for mental and physical health. This keeps our body healthy and our mind happy.
  12. Deep long breaths By taking deep long breaths, the level of oxygen in our body increases. Due to the oxygen reaching the lungs, they swell and become strong. Taking deep breaths gives a feeling of lightness in the head and relieves stress.
  13. Be happy and keep positive thoughts, always be happy. feeding the face Do not suppress feelings, let them appear. Don’t think negative. Try to keep balance in your thoughts.
  14. Family contact and communication It is often seen that due to loneliness, the chances of getting this disease are high. If we live together with the family. If you talk about your stress with friends, then many mental problems can be solved easily and stress does not increase.
  15. Pronounce Om Pronounce Om at least three times. Chanting Om mantra purifies the surrounding environment and brings positivity in the mind, which removes stress.

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(Disclaimer :  The purpose of this health-related article is to wake you up and aware of your health and to provide health-related information. Your doctor has a better understanding of your health and there is no substitute for their advice.)

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