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When you stand on your toes and stretch your arms straight over your head, more space is created for oxygen in the respiratory system. This increases the capacity of the lungs.

Sitting on the ground, the hands also have to be kept on the ground. This makes the breathing pattern regular. Oxygen increases in the lungs and more oxygen reaches the blood.

In this, one has to make a palathi and sit on the ground and rest the head on the back and the ground. The spine remains elevated above the ground.

When your lungs are healthy, nothing will stop you from living a long and healthy life. To do this asana, you lie down on your stomach and keep your hands in the line of the legs and while inhaling

Stand up straight. Take a deep breath. Slowly exhale, take one hand down and the other hand towards the sky. This exercises the external muscles of the abdomen.

In this posture, standing on one leg and connecting both the hands up, an inverted V is made. While going into this position one has to take a deep breath and while returning to the normal position, one has to exhale.

This is the only easy way that helps the lungs to recover very quickly and by this your obesity also starts reducing very quickly. Kapalbhati also works to do mental work, give strength and energy to the brain.