Helpful in Weight Loss

Coriander water is often considered good for weight loss, as coriander seeds have digestive properties.

Coriander Water is Rich in Antioxidants

Both coriander leaves and seeds contain antioxidants which are a kind of natural molecules that help in destroying the harmful free radicals present in our bodies.

Diseases Caused by Poor Lifestyle

Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol have become common diseases in today’s time, which are mostly due to poor lifestyle.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Coriander extract is popular as a pain reliever and muscle relaxant. It also removes all the problems in the stomach

Makes Shiny Skin and Hair

The iron and anti-fungal-anti-bacterial properties present in coriander help our skin fight acne and make it glowing. Being rich in many vitamins

Coolness to the Body

Coriander water is a great drink in the summer. It cools the body and can also detox the kidneys.