1. Bread and Cakes

Cakes, pastries, bread and bread products contain yeast, which shouldn’t be consumed with drinks as alcohol also contains yeast.

2. Do Not Eat Very Sweet Things with Alcohol

one shouldn’t eat too many sweet things with drinks and for some time after that. Never make the error of eating sweets with alcohol

3. Do Not Eat Chocolate After a Drink

The caffeine and cocoa present in chocolate can cause indigestion when combined with alcohol. If you are feeling like eating sweets, then rather than sweets rich in chocolate and ghee-mawa,

4. Stay Away from Sodium (Salty) Rich Food

Usually most of the people eat snacks with alcohol, high sodium snacks like peanuts, burgers, fries with great fervor but its very harmful.

5. Do Not Eat Dairy Foods at all After Alcohol

If you’re a daily drinker and drink beer and wine every day, then you’re already putting more pressure on your stomach, so you ought to not consume dairy products at all after the drink.

6. Dangerous Combination of Pork and Cheese

Pork and cheese isn’t a good combination with or after alcohol. Especially once you have acidity problem.

7. Soda or Cold Drink is Dangerous

You should never drink alcohol with soda and cold drinks. Both this stuff reduce the amount of water in the body.