Every person should consume at least 48 grams of whole grains per day.

You should eat at least one-fourth bowl of green vegetables every day or one and a half to two bowls of green vegetables in a week.

Studies show that nine to 21 milligrams of lycopene per day can be extremely beneficial for the body.

Adults who consumed 15 to 30 grams of dry fruits per day were found to have better mental health and memory than the rest.

Up to 400 mg of caffeine per day (about four cups of coffee or black tea) is generally considered safe for adults.

Every person must eat half a cup of different types of berries at least once a week.

30 to 60 grams of dark chocolate two to three times a week can help improve brain functions.

One egg a day is enough for most people. At the same time, the doctor may advise you to eat more or less eggs depending on your overall health