Chia seeds are weight loss friendly food, which contains fiber. By consuming just 2 teaspoons of chia seeds daily, 40 percent of the daily requirement of fiber can be found.

Ragi roti can be very helpful to get thin waist. If you have bloating problem after eating veet then you can take it. But if the waist is looking wide due to fat, then it helps you in that too.

Everyone is aware of how good lemon is for health. It is rich in Vitamin C. It is alkaline in nature and these things are very good for the body, due to which the acid level balance of the body remains.

You may be surprised to read the name of this waist slimming food. But, popcorn is rich in fiber. Which can make you lose weight. But for this, eat popcorn roasted in sand, not popcorn made in butter.

Protein breakfast can be made by eating yogurt in breakfast. Taking protein in breakfast keeps the stomach full most of the time. Due to which the weight remains under control.

Apart from eggs, fish is also a great weight loss food. By eating which the waist can be made thin. Because, it also contains a huge amount of protein.

Walnuts should be eaten to get energy without increasing calories. It has been seen in many researches that by eating walnuts, the brain starts controlling appetite.