Yellow Eyes: A Sign of Liver Problems

Liver diseases knock silently. In the beginning, its symptoms are usually not visible, but gradually this disease takes a serious form and many changes start happening in your body. If treatment is not received in time, liver disease can also be fatal. Here we are telling you about the seven signs like Yellow Eyes Liver that indicate liver disease.

Yellow Eyes Are Sign of This Deadly Disease | 7 Signs Your Liver is Dying

Liver is an important part of the body, due to which a person’s life can be lost due to damage. It works from digesting food in the body to making bile (liver works to digest food through bile). When the liver is damaged, the digestive system gets disturbed due to which you may have many stomach diseases. Liver helps the body fight infection, remove toxins from the body, control blood sugar in the body and store carbohydrates and make proteins. Liver detoxifies the whole body.

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Digestive system does not work properly when the liver is damaged, due to which problems like loss of appetite and weakness are felt. Liver diseases knock silently. Usually its symptoms are not visible in the beginning but later on it takes a very serious form. Alcohol, high calorie and fat food is an enemy for your liver because the liver has to work harder to digest it. When there is any problem in the liver, it starts giving many types of signals which you should not ignore.

According to health experts, if there is a problem in the liver for a long time, these seven signs appear, which need to be identified and treated in time.

1. Change in Color of Urine

When there is a problem in the liver, it is unable to break down the bilirubin chemical, due to which its level starts increasing in the liver and the color of urine changes. In case of liver failure or any infection, the color of urine becomes dark yellow.

2. Change in Color of Stool

If there is any problem in your liver, then due to the bile salts produced in the liver, the color of the stool becomes darker, which means that your liver is healthy. But if there is any problem in the liver, it becomes unable to digest fat, due to which the stool becomes thin and its color becomes lighter.

3.Gastrocolic Reflex

Gastrocolic reflex is not a disease or medical condition, rather it is a physiological reflex ie action. In this situation, after eating anything, there is a desire to go to the toilet, which is not good for health at all. This happens because due to disease in the liver, it is unable to absorb the food you eat. This triggers a reaction in the colon (stomach) and it starts to constrict. In the event of contraction, the body signals you to go to the toilet.

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4. Yellowing of Skin and Eyes

Yellow Eyes Are Sign of This Deadly Disease | 7 Signs Your Liver is Dying

If there is a problem in your liver, then the color of your skin and eyes starts turning yellow. This happens because of a chemical called bilirubin in the blood. Due to some problem, the liver is not able to process it effectively, so these signs start appearing in your body. When the liver gets damaged, in many cases a crust also starts forming on the skin, which also causes itching.

5. Vomiting or Nausea

Nausea is a very common symptom of liver dysfunction because in this condition the liver is unable to filter toxins and these toxins start accumulating in the blood stream, causing nausea.

6. Flatulence

Flatulence is another sign of liver dysfunction. In this situation, fluid starts filling in the stomach, which in common parlance is called water filling in the stomach. In this disease, people often get swelling in their feet, ankles and ankles.

7. Don’t Heal the Wound Quickly

Due to liver failure, this liver is unable to produce essential proteins and hence your blood vessels get easily injured.

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